2017-12-26 AU is Ranked as A Top-500 University in Two Specialized Subjects by 2018 THE Ranking!
Asia University (AU) is ranked by 2018 THE Ranking as a “top-500 university” in the world in two specialized subjects (“life sciences” and “clinical, pre-clinical & health”) and is respectively the No.
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The UK Time Higher Education (THE) Report announces the 2018 world university ranking results of two specialized subjects “life sciences” and “clinical, pre-clinical & health” on November 17, and Asia University (AU) is listed in the top 500. A total of 9 schools in Taiwan are within the top 500, and AU is the No.3 and 4 private university in the ranking results of the two subjects, respectively, in Taiwan.
The THE ranking of world universities of each specialized subject is expanded this year to include the top 500 ones. AU is ranked to be in the top 401-500 list of the subject of “life sciences,” and is the No.3 private university in Taiwan in this specialized area. In addition, AU is ranked similarly in the subject of “clinical, pre-clinical & health,” and is the No.4 private university in Taiwan in this area.
The president of AU, Prof. Jeffrey J. P. Tsai, mentioned that in recnet years the China Asia Associated University (CA2), which is the association of AU and China Medical University (CMU), has been seen to foster effectively the excellence of school running of both universities. Specifically, this union allows the students of AU and those of CMU to enjoy the shared resources of teaching, research, and campus life of the two universities, making the slogan “entering one school to enjoy two schools’ resources” come true. Furthermore, the two schools also cooperate in the research projects of the Internet of things (IOT), 3D printing, Internet addiction prevention and treatment, big data analysis, etc., making the involved AU students more competitive when they obtain their degrees to enter the competitive society and industry. In addition, the AU professors have published a lot of information sicence-related academic papers, amounting up to 764 ones and being ranked to be the top 14 university in Taiwan (among both national and private universities) in the last year. President Tsai pointed out furthermore that the key factors of AU to enter the leading world ranking lists are AU’s excellent performances in teaching, research, knowledge transfer, and international outlook.
In this year, 13 artworks created by AU students are shortlisted for RedDot Awards, two of which won the “Best of the Best Award”: RedDot Chairman Dr. Peter Zec (3rd from left in the back) and AU Prof. Sheng-Min Hsieh (5th from left in the back)with the students who received the RedDot awards in the Awarding Ceremony in Germany.