Chi-Ying Chen
Status Full-Time
Name Chi-Ying Chen
Position Professor
Education Ph.D. in Education Communication & Technology, University of Idaho
Research Areas Media Effect, Internet Communication, Technology And Culture, Media Literacy
Office H616
Extension 1823
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Year Paper Title
2023 陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen)*, Self-disclosure on social media: Examining the factors of connectedness, escapism, and social comparison, AIP Conference Proceedings, vol.2685, 2023
2022 Yeni Rosilawati、陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen), Social Marketing Campaign in Tobacco Control: A Comparative Analysis of Indonesia and Taiwan, Open Access Macedonian Journal of Medical Sciences, vol.9 pp.146-150, 2022
2021 陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen)*、MIKE KEARNEY, Belief in or Identification of False News According to the Elaboration Likelihood Model, International Journal of Communication, vol.15 pp.1263-1285, 2021
2020 陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen)*, Smartphone addiction: Psychological and social factors predict the use and abuse of a social mobile application, Information Communication & Society, vol.23 no.3 pp.454-467, 2020
2019 陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen)、張少樑(SHAO-LIANG CHANG), Moderating effects of information-oriented versus escapism-oriented motivations on the relationship between psychological well-being and problematic use of video game live-streaming services, Journal of Behavioral Addictions, 2019
2018 陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen)、張少樑(SHAO-LIANG CHANG), Self-presentation and counterstereotypic gender strategies in social media campaigning: An example from Taiwan's presidential election, Journal of Information and Telecommunication, vol.3 no.1 pp.95-114, 2018
2017 陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen)*、張少樑(SHAO-LIANG CHANG), User-orientated perspective of social media used by campaigns, TELEMATICS AND INFORMATICS, vol.3 no.4 pp.811-820, 2017
2017 陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen)*、張少樑(SHAO-LIANG CHANG), APP campaigning: How presidential candidates present themselves by LINE and the responses of voters in the 2016 Taiwanese presidential election, International Journal of Internet, Broadcasting and Communication, vol.9 no.1 pp.51-55, 2017
2017 陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen)*, Facebook campaigning: Political presentations and the electronic word-of-mouth based on a functional approach, International Journal of Media, Journalism and Mass Communications, vol.3 no.3 pp.10-14, 2017
2016 陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen)*、張少樑(SHAO-LIANG CHANG), Witty or wicked? The predictors and impact of agreement with user-generated political satires, International Journal of Internet, Broadcasting and Communication, vol.8 no.3 pp.25-30, 2016
2015 張少樑(SHAO-LIANG CHANG)、陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen)*、、, More than popularity matters:How would voters like to get social networking with candidates, International Journal of Advanced Culture Technology, vol.3 no.2 pp.50-57, 2015
2014 陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen)、張少樑(SHAO-LIANG CHANG), 從網誌到微網誌:社群媒體應用於政治傳播的長期觀察 (From Blogs to Microblogs: A Long Term Study of Applying Social Media for Political Communication), Journal of Information Communication, 資訊傳播研究, vol.5 no.1 pp.1-14, 2014
2013 陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen)、張少樑(SHAO-LIANG CHANG), Social networking sites vs. Official websites:使用者如何看待候選人社群網站暨官網, 傳播文化, vol.12 pp.41-73, 2013
2013 陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen), Is the video game a cultural vehicle?, Games and Culture, vol.8 no.6 pp.408-427, 2013
2011 陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen), 網站可信度認證:概念、論證暨運作模式初探, 新聞學研究/Mass Communication Research, vol.106 pp.249-283, 2011
2010 陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen)、徐聖均(sheng Chun Hsu), 媒介依賴、使用動機與競選部落格可信度之關聯性 (Media Dependency, Motivations and Perceived Credibility of Political Blog), Journal of Information Communication, 資訊傳播研究, vol.1 no.1 pp.1-25, 2010
2008 陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen)、SHAO-LIANG CHANG, An exploration of the tendency to Online Game Addiction due to user’s liking of designing features, Asian Journal of Health and Information Sciences, vol.3 no.1-4 pp.38-51, 2008
Year Book Title
2021 Shuhui Sophy Cheng、張少樑(SHAO-LIANG CHANG)、陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen), Knowledge Innovation on Design and Culture, To Believe or Not to Believe: The Impact of Dual-Route Factors on Individuals’ Perception of False News on Social Media, World Scientific, Jan. 2021
2016 陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen), 戰鬥與力量, 虛擬偶像的發展模式, 國立交通大學出版社, Jan. 2016
Date of Publication Paper Title
2022.11 陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen), A Study on the Application of Manga in Public Health Communication in Taiwan: A Big Data Analysis of Social Media , The 2nd IEEE International Conference on Social Sciences and Intelligence Management, Nov. 2022, Taiwan/ Taichung
2021.07 陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen), Self, Disclosure on Social Media: Examining the Factors of Connectedness, Escapism, and Social Comparison - 2021 IEEE International Conference on Social Sciences and Intelligent Managemen, Jul. 2021, Taichung, Chaoyang University
2021.05 陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen), Semiotics and use of disease anthropomorphic manga: Analysis of big data from social media , International Conference of Culture, Technological Issues in Communication and the Reflection on Media in the Pandemic Era, May. 2021, Taipei, Shih-Hsin University
2020.08 陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen), To believe or not to believe: The impact of dual, route factors on individuals’ perception of false news on social media - International Conference on Knowledge Innovation and Invention, Aug. 2020, National University of Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2020.05 陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen), Factors Influencing Identification of Fake News on Facebook , International Conference on Modern Management and Innovation, May. 2020, Taiwan/Hsinchu
2019.10 陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen), Factors Associated with Belief in Fake News: From the Perspective of Elaboration Likelihood and Moderating Effect Model , Comparative Approaches to Disinformation, Oct. 2019, USA/ Massachusetts/ Harvard University
2019.07 陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen), A Trusting News Ecosystem against Fake News from Humanity and Technology Perspectives , The International Conference on Computational Science and Applications (ICCSA 2019) , Jul. 2019, St. Petersburg, Russia
2019.02 鄭淑慧、張少樑(SHAO-LIANG CHANG)、陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen), Problematic use of live video streaming services: Impact of personality traits, psychological factors, and motivations , International Conference on Software and Computer Applications, Feb. 2019, Malaysia, Penang
2018.09 陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen)、張少樑(SHAO-LIANG CHANG), The current status and future aspects in the research of smartphone use and abuse , International Symposium on Education, Psychology and Social Sciences, Sep. 2018, Japan, Fukuoka
2018.07 陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen)、張少樑(SHAO-LIANG CHANG), A Social influence Account of Problematic Smartphone Use , The 7th International Conference on Frontier Computing (FC 2018), Jul. 2018, KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA
2018.07 陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen)、張軒瑜(Syuan-Yu Chang), Factors predict the sincere and virtual self, presentation on Facebook - The 4th International Conference on Education, Psychology and Society, Jul. 2018, Tokyo/Japan
2018.02 陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen)、沈廷翰(Ting Han Shen), Factors predict the addiction to viewing live webcasts , The 3rd International Symposium on Social Sciences and Management, Feb. 2018, Japan/ Osaka
2017.11 陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen)、張少樑(SHAO-LIANG CHANG), See me on LINE: Examining individual’s psychological and social predictors for the addictive use of the social App , International Conference on Current Research in Business, Management and Information Technology, Nov. 2017, HongKong
2017.06 陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen)、張少樑(SHAO-LIANG CHANG), SNS vs. App campaigning: Candidate’s self, presentation on Facebook and LINE - The 14th ITS Asia-Pacific Conference, Jun. 2017, Japan, Kyoto
2016.11 陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen), Self, presentation strategies on candidate Facebook page and the influence on electronic word-of-mouth - The International Symposium on Advanced and Applied Convergence, Nov. 2016, South Korea/ Jeju island
2016.08 陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen)、Tang Wei Lin, LINE communication in the 2016 Taiwanese presidential election , The 4th International Symposium on Business and Social Sciences, Aug. 2016, Okinawa, Japan
2016.08 陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen)、Man Ting Pan, Explore the impact of satirical user, generated content in 2015 Taiwanese presidential election - The 4th International Symposium on Business and Social Sciences, Aug. 2016, Okinawa, Japan
2016.08 陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen)、林欣穎(Hsin Yen Lin), Strategies to structure the Facebook messages during the 2016 Taiwanese presidential election , The 4th International Symposium on Business and Social Sciences, Aug. 2016, Okinawa, Japan
2015.11 陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen)、張少樑(SHAO-LIANG CHANG), Voters’ Preferred Mode of Social Networking with Political Candidate: Comparison of Blogs and Facebook , The 3rd International Symposium on Advanced and Applied Convergence, Nov. 2015, South Korea, Seoul
2015.10 沈奕廷、陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen), 虛擬偶像「初音ミク」的過去、現在與未來 , 第四屆御宅文化國際學術研討會, Oct. 2015, 國立交通大學 新竹
2015.06 政治人物臉書的使用與避免 , 2015數位科技與創新管理研討會, Jun. 2015, 華梵大學
2013.06 李承遠、吳淑梅、陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen)、張少樑(SHAO-LIANG CHANG), 導入社群網站於國中數學等差數列單元有效學習 之研究-以活動理論為架構 , 2013 經營管理暨會計資訊理論與實務研討會, Jun. 2013, 臺中/臺灣
2013.06 陳冠仲、張少樑(SHAO-LIANG CHANG)、陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen), 雲端運算服務應用於救災救護指揮派遣系統之研究 , 2013 經營管理暨會計資訊理論與實務研討會, Jun. 2013, 臺中/臺灣
2013.06 吳政潁、陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen)、張少樑(SHAO-LIANG CHANG), 導入社群網站於國小學童閱讀學習成效之研究, 以活動理論為架構 - 2013 經營管理暨會計資訊理論與實務研討會, Jun. 2013, 臺中/臺灣
2013.05 陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen), 線上遊戲中權力體現之初探 , 2013數位內容與多媒體應用研討會, May. 2013, 台灣苗栗
2013.01 陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen)、張文維, 社群媒體資訊豐富度、成員資訊分享與合購意願之關聯性研究 , The 9th International Conference on Knowledge Community, Jan. 2013, 文化大學
2012.01 陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen)、謝昀霖, Web 2.0改變下民眾對競選社群網站之使用動機與可信度認知 , 第八屆傳播管理發展與趨勢學術研討會, Jan. 2012, 台灣台北
2012.01 陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen)、侯任鴻, 運用擴增實敬製作數位教材之探討 , 2012 數位與科技生活創新應用學術研討會, Jan. 2012, 台灣桃園
2011.06 陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen)、張少樑(Chang, Shao-Liang), Is the fad for Japanese culture returning? :Explore the cultural impacts of videogame on the game generation in Taiwan , ITS Asia-Pacific Regional Conference, Jun. 2011, Taipei, Taiwan
2010.01 選舉部落格使用動機、可信度及其相關性探討 , 2010資訊傳播學術研討會, Jan. 2010, 台灣台中(靜宜大學)
2009.05 陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen), 拍賣制度和賣方訊息與網路競標意願之相關分析-一個以知覺風險和信任態度為中介變向的模式初探 , 2009第五屆知識社群研討會 , May. 2009, 台灣台北
2008.06 Relationship between Online Game Addiction and User’s Liking of Design Features , International Conference on Information Technology and Application , Jun. 2008, Cairns, Australia
2008.06 陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen), 風險知覺與口碑傳播對消費者參與網路合購意願之相關分析 , 2008新媒體設計、傳播與科技應用國際學術研討會。台灣桃園 , Jun. 2008, 台灣桃園
2007.11 陳啟英(Chi-Ying Chen), 從消費文化探討日本電玩之影響 , 2007台灣資訊社會研究學會年會暨論文研討會 , Nov. 2007, 台灣新竹
2007.05 Beyond Literacy Ability: Another way to explore media literacy education , Hawaii International Conference on Social Sciences , May. 2007, Hawaii, USA
2006.10 以傳播理論探討數位落差現象與研究方向 , 2006數位落差與數位學習研討會 , Oct. 2006, 台灣台中
Award Name Awarding Unit
最佳創新教材獎 ( Award for Excellence in Innovative Teaching Material) 本校
最佳創新教材獎 ( Award for Excellence in Innovative Teaching Material) 本校
優秀導師獎 (Award for Excellence in Mentoring) 本校
優秀教學獎 (Award for Excellence in Teaching) 本校
優秀研究獎 (Award for Excellence in Research) 本校
第二屆中部地區資訊專題成果競賽數位內容組佳作 中部地區四校聯賽主辦單位
2010年資訊傳播學術研討會最佳論文獎 (Award for the Excellent Conference Paper) 資訊傳播學會 ( Information Communication Society)
Category Course Code Course Title Year
研究所碩士班 EP200043A 當代傳播議題研究 113
大學日間部 EP300054A 傳播理論 113
大學日間部 EP300054B 傳播理論 113
大學日間部 EP300177A 畢業專題(二) 113
大學日間部 EP300247A 學輔時間(一) 113
Year Research Title
102 社群媒體資訊豐富度、成員知識分享與合購意願之關聯性研究
102 沉浸理論觀點檢視線上遊戲玩家之權力體現