Asia University is ranked within the list of top-20 best school-running universities.

  • 2018-03-01
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Evaluated by the Cheers Magazine as a rising new star among the private universities, Asia University is ranked within the list of top-20 best school-running universities for the 4th time.
For the fourth year, the famous Cheers Magazine held a university-performance evaluation by the presidents of 151 universities in Taiwan, and announced the top-20 best universities the other day. Asia University (AU) is listed as the No. 6 and was awarded on March 1 together with the other top schools, including National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, and National Taiwan University, as announced by Ovid Tzeng, an academician of the Academia Sinica, in the award granting ceremony. If only private universities are considered, AU is the No. 2 best in Taiwan according to the evaluation result, which is a great achievement because AU is the youngest university in Taiwan, only 17 years old so far.
“Having a good leader and good school-running strategies can accelerate the achievements of a university, as conducted by Asia University!” said the Editor-in-Chief of the Cheers Magazine, Zni-Fang Lu. She mentioned as well that with full supports from the board of directors and great efforts in school running, within less than 18 years AU is now internationally famous for its excellence in school running and performance. Also, said by her was that from this year’s evaluation result, two facts, “the rise of private universities” as well as “international connections,” are the most obvious factors leading to the excellency of the selected universities; and AU is the most prominent example of this observation. One of the best AU’s performance is its being ranked No. 4 in aspect of international exchange students in Taiwan, and No. 1 in private universities, according to the evaluation result. This is really a great achievement because AU is the youngest university in Taiwan.
As pointed out by AU President Jing-Pha Tsai in the ceremony, AU still keeps fostering excellence of school running continuously since her founding 17 years ago, and has great achievements in recent years. The 5-year-old Nursing Dept. at AU can realize a student’s dream of becoming a promising nurse at the AU Hospital after graduation with a guaranteed monthly salary of 50K NT dollars, which is a high pay for a new bachelor graduate into the society in Taiwan. “Additionally, the Dept. of Optometry at AU has a cooperation agreement with the Kobayashi Glasses Company in the industry, offering job opportunities for graduates of the department,” said also President Tsai.
Also mentioned by President Tsai, AU aims to become a world-renown international university, and provides a total of eight ways for students to promote their international visions, namely, studying abroad, participating in academic exchanges, working as interns, joining volunteer programs, publishing papers in conferences, and taking part in international invention or design contests. In this year’s summer, it is expected that more than 500 AU students will go abroad to America, England, Singapore, Spain, Malaysia, etc. to conduct the above-mentioned eight ways of international exchange activities. The key factors to success in these international participations are language ability, professional ability, and communication ability; and for promotion of these students’ abilities, AU provides scholarships for new students and offers many language classes for English learning and tests (like TOEFL, TOEIC, etc.) on campus.
This ranking of AU in the top-20 universities for the fourth time is really a good indication of the steady progress of AU’s school running toward the ultimate goal of becoming a world-famous university!
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