A Total of 9 AU Students’ Artworks Win 2018 RedDot Awards.

  • 2018-08-20
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Two of the AU students’ works entitled “The voice of life” and “Mist Net” win the “Best of the Best” and “Design Concept” RedDot Medals, respectively.
In the 2018 RedDot Award report, 9 artworks from 21 students of the Visual Communication Design (VCD) Dept. and the Commercial Design (CDD) Dept. of Asia University (AU) have entered the winner list. Two of them, “The voice of Life” and “Mist Net,” win the “Best of the Best” and the “Design Concept” Awards, respectively.
The vice dean of the Creative Design College at AU, Prof. Yuan-Rong Li, mentioned that the German RedDot Award is regarded as the “Academy Award” in the design circle in the world, and that students and expert designers from 45 countries over the world with a total of about 8600 artworks participated in the contest this year. “Totally 8 artworks created by AU students participated the contest with 8 awarded,” said Prof. Li, “and in the recent 8 years, a total of 74 artworks from AU have been granted RedDot Awards, among which 14 won the ‘Best of the Best’ Awards.”
The work “The voice of Life,” which wins the “Best of the Best” Award, was designed by students from the VCD Dept. at AU. The artwork includes innovative designs of slogans and posters, all aiming at promoting the propaganda of the “Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.”
Zong-Hua Wu et al. from the Creative Product Design Department at AU win the RedDot Concept Design Award with the work entitled “Mist Net.” The work is a portable fog and rain-collecting device designed for mountain climbers, which is combined with a fog catcher and a waterproof backpack cover. Its 2 ways of using enables users to gain water resources from rain and fog while passing by water-deficient mountain walkways. It not only enables users to avoid water shortage or hydropenia, but also reduces the weight of water. The artwork won in addition two other gold medals in the 2017 Seoul International Invention Fair and the 2018 Malaysia International Invention Innovation & Technology Exhibition.
Furthermore, AU students Cian-Fang Huang et al. from the Visual Communication Design Department at AU win a 2018 RedDot Award in Germany as well as an 2018 ADC Annual Award in New York with a work entitled “Resignation.” They work shows Chinese people’s funeral process by use of illustrations and 3D objects.
The chairperson of the Visual Communication Department at AU, Prof. C. H. Cheng, said that the award-winning students will be financially supported by AU and led by a professor to go to Germany to attend the awarding ceremony. “It is in this way, among many, that AU enhances the global view of the students in their degree-seeking career at AU,” said Chairperson Cheng.
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